John Key puts family first

The Conservative Party of NZ wants to congratulate John Key, firstly for the stable leadership he has given the country over the past 8 years through some very difficult times, and secondly for the courageous step he took in putting the leadership of his family before the leadership of the nation.

The toll the position of PM will have taken on his family only he would appreciate, and we applaud him for modelling to the nation the principle that there is nothing as important as one’s family. We hope his example will inspire families across New Zealand to reassess our own priorities and invest in our families in new ways.

“Strong families build strong nations,” says Party Spokesman Leighton Baker, “and the recent report on Child Abuse and Family Structure makes it clear that families with committed monogamous marriages provide the most positive results for society. But they do need continual input and investment. Well done John Key, and all the best for your most important roles as husband and father.”