The Conservative Party recognizes that housing availability, affordability and quality all need to be addressed on multiple fronts. There is no simple solution to this critical area and therefore a number of initiatives are required including focus on the following 5 key areas:






Addressing the shortfall in the supply of housing on various fronts including more bare land being brought to market, higher density, improved and sustainable regional growth, review of taxation levers and curbing foreign investment.


Find innovative ways to manage the demand on housing such as initiatives to help New Zealand families into their own homes. Reviewing immigration policies and long-term plans. We would also look at the use of levers like tax incentives and Kiwisaver changes, along with rent-to-buy schemes.


Cost is creating one of the single biggest hurdles to home ownership. We would address this encouraging and incubating greater efficiency in property markets and removing unnecessary regulation and compliance costs, particularly from the residential housing sector.


Introduction of new apprenticeship schemes (designed by builders, for builders) and work hard to identify tradespeople at school to ensure the right personality types are doing the appropriate training early in life.


Many areas can be addressed here such as better standards regulation, greater use of public/private partnerships, learning from nations that have shown over time to be effective (e.g. Europe). Use building methods that are time-proven and reduce maintenance moving forward.

  1. Full details on the policy will be released in the coming months.