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How do I find out the poll results?

We are trying to make this online poll as accurate as possible by not revealing votes until poll has closed. Either wait for the release on this website, or ask us to email the results to you (below) ahead of their official release.

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This year we're doing something different. The Brexit and Trump results show the silent majority have been flexing their muscles. People want a change in the way politics has been run.

We agree, which is why we've designed a new series of political polls to take the pulse of ordinary kiwis. We are asking you what you want politicians to do.

This is a major political poll and we're trying to balance two things - making it widely available but also as accurate as possible. For that reason we're crunching the numbers offsite rather than live, so that provisional results as people vote don't skew the final result.

We also have some other polls planned shortly.

If you'd like to know the result of this poll when it closes, we can email the results to you ahead of its official release to the media, so you can see first how your vote compares to what New Zealand is thinking this year.

Additionally, you'll be the first to hear when the other polls go live - they'll be asking your views on some major issues of the day.

Because the votes are processed by an independent company on a different database we will never know how you voted and frankly we don't care. We just want to know what NZ is thinking.

Alternatively, if you don't want an email heads-up, just wait for the results to be published in the media or on this page after the poll closes.

The choice is yours, and that's what politics should really be about: listening to the people and respecting their choices...


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We value your privacy.